Welcome to my webpage. I'm a practicing Chronic Pain Management Specialist. I have hospital appointments at the Women's College Hospital in Toronto and Hamilton Health Sciences Centrea.  I'm an Associate Professor in University of Toronto and McMaster University.

I'm a member of editorial boards in several peer-reviewed journals in the fields of Anesthesia and Pain Management. I'm the Vice Chair of the Board of Examination at the World Institute of Pain.  


1. I have implemented new technologies and biologic methods in treatment of chronic pain related to osteoarthritis. 90% of patients get better without surgeries. [Disclaimer: joint replacement is still required if case of deformity and severe restriction of joint range of motion]

2.  So called "non-specific low back pain" can be diagnosed and treated in 80% of cases. 45% of chronic low back pain among younger individuals is essentially becasue of internal tears in the intervertebral discs. I have developed a step-by-step diagnostic and treatement paradigm 

3. I implement cryoanalgesia of cranial nerves is a promising option in managing chronic headaches and facial pain

4. I'm currently accepting patients suffering from facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia and cluster headaches