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FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: If you would like to make a referral please consider to complete the Referral Form. It will help to expedite your request. If you would like to refer your patient for an urgent consultation please use  the inquiry form below. The following examples of pain conditions are urgent and prompt treatment may be curative:

1. Acute intervertebral disc herniation and sciatica

2. Acute herpes zoster or early postherpetic neuralgia

3. Early Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (up to 6 months) 

4. Trigeminal neuralgia

5. Compression vertebral fracture 

6. Traumatic (or postsurgical) nerve injury

7. Sport injury  

FOR PATIENTS: 1) please ask your physician to complete and send  Referral Form;  2) please complete and send the Intake Questionnaire (see below)

All referrals REQUIRE the Intake Questionnaire and Referral Form to be completed.

Incomplete referrals will cause delay in scheduling the appointment. Thank you!

1. For Women's College Clinic please use: 

Women's College Hospital Intake Questionnaire

Women's College Hospital Referral Form

2. For Michael G. DeGrotte Clinic (McMaster University), please use:


3. Regenerative Therapeutics in Pain Management, please contact me directly using the form below


 For further inquiries, please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you. You can also send fax to 647-557-5808

Please do not use this option for your condition specific inquiries and referring patients  

Thank you.

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